My Story

I have worked and associated myself in some sort of Direct Selling or Network Marketing for over 10 years and it wasn't until I was forced to stop, take a step back and evaluate my life did I see how hard I was actually making my life.

In 2015 life had gotten in the way of enjoying the things around me. I found myself being caught up in the pitfalls of social media and Multi Level Marketing. The NEED for that sale in a flooded market to make the higher commission quota was getting harder and harder. The TIME spent trying to get those customers was increasing and the time spent with my family was approaching ZERO. Sound familiar?

It got to a point where my full time career was being affected and my health even more so. To the point that in 2015 I thought the only way to solve all these issues was to not be here. Its amazing how much I over complicated my life and made mountains out of molehills, alienated myself from my friends and family.

So here I am over 12 months since the suicide attempt, after 12 months of reflection and self discovery. I am back in the game but this time I am keeping things simple and proving that no matter how bad your life may seem or get you can always change it around if you want to. It took me a great deal of time to decided to come back into network marketing and it was simply by chance I stumbled onto the opportunity when I did but when it did, IT ALL MADE SENSE.

My Blog

This is where I like to chat about anything and everything, somethings might be useful others not 🙂

Either way I do find talking, sharing inspiration from others really helps me and in turn I hope it helps you.

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If you haven't already take a look at Jim Rohn and his wealth of knowledge, It was listening to this guy that made me rethink the way I saw not just the way I ran my business but he also helped me set my life goals. Well worth a read.

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